We are very excited that God has afforded us another opportunity  to minister not only internationally but also nationally in the US in New Jersey. This will be our third conference in NJ. Please be in prayer as God continues to expand our territory. 

This year we carried our theme across cultures. We taught in Haiti on what it means to be Whole and now for our NJ conference, we continue to challenge God’s daughters on the meaning of wholeness. The whole woman is not about women having it all together or having it all figured out but it’s about living a life of faith. It is a life that is defined on making Christ the center, the focal point of our lives. 

Please be in prayer for God to meet all of our needs. For the women attending to be fully present and ready for God to speak to them. And for all of the logistics to go according to plan. 

To register, follow this link: http://www.elevateherinternational.org/events/


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