Some things were destined to be. This ministry was set in motion long before it was a thought in 2012. In fact, we point to Jesus as the original founder as he made elevating and setting women free a major goal of his ministry.

We began in Haiti, the birthplace of founder, Dieula Previlon, who was inspired by women’s stories and examples of resilience. Though women often do not occupy positions of authority, the scope of their influence spans from their homes to their churches to their entire communities. These women personify the African proverb that says, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

With the support of her husband, Fresnel and her two dearest friends, Betty and Anide, Dieula launched ElevateHer in 2012 with their first large-group training with 50 women. Today large-group trainings can attract up to 250 women. Our small group leadership training is where the women learn to take their training to their homes, churches, work and community, to bring healing, restoration and hope.  

Our Core Values 

  • Partnership with Local Leaders 
  • Dignity 

  • Healing 

  • Compassion 

  • Humility  


The mission of Elevateher is to empower women to heal from trauma and become instruments of healing, peace and hope.

Long Mission: Empowering women to heal from trauma and become instruments for healing, peace and hope through large and small group biblically based trauma and life skills training.

Too often women bear the burden of suffering in their families and communities after traumatic events. ElevateHer provides training, conferences, seminars and one-on-one counseling based on Scripture to help women heal from these traumas. Once these women have gone through their own training, we offer them further opportunities to become healing leaders in their communities.